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Psychedelic & Drug Interaction Education


40 minute video consult



This service is for individuals interested in learning more about psychedelic medicines, what makes someone a good candidate for psychedelic therapies.  This service is also for individuals with questions about medications interactions with psychedelic medicines. 


Antidepressant Taper Education 


40 minute initial video consult


Four (4)

30 minute follow up sessions

This service is for individuals looking for education and support during the antidepressant tapering process. I provide education on drug-induced nutrient depletion and how to incorporate plant based medicines during the taper process to support the nervous system and brain health. 


CBD Mental Wellness Consult 


30 minute video call

This service is for individuals interesting in using CBD (Cannabidiol) and other plant-based medicines to maintain their mental health and wellness. I will support you through the process of using plant-based medicines and evidenced-based holistic modalities to help you during your healing journey. 


I work with CBD (cannabidiol), herbals, and supplements. I provide education on nutrient depletion and how to replenish nutrients by eating foods that nourish the brain and cutting out foods that cause inflammation. I will help you incorporate healthy lifestyle changes such as exercise and meditation for you to reach and maintain optimal mental wellness. 

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